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TUXDEX Anonymous Search Engine

TUXDEX went online in January 2022 arose from the desire to provide an anonymous search engine.

Searching with us is very simple, documents (web pages) in your browser language are ranked first.
You can set the language, the search results are boosted for this language.
Since we do not use cookies, this setting will be lost when you close the page.

Our search engine supports wildcard search (? and *) and boolean operators.
Three basic boolean operators are: AND, OR, and NOT.
You can also narrow your search by setting the parameters:
title, domain, host, url, keywords,.. e.g. domain:debian.org

TUXDEX is maintained by the INETDEX project team
and compared to Google a small but anonymous search engine.
Unlike most search engines that have the Google or Bing index,
we operate our own web crawler to create an own search index.

A few web pages such as Facebook do not allow alternative search engines to index their sites.
Despite this, our index has grown into a very valuable and informative index.

We have already indexed 15 million domains, currently we are running a deep crawl on some interesting domains such as Wikipedia or university websites.

By using an anonymous search engine, you ensure that your search queries cannot be viewed, so you guarantee your privacy when searching.

Thank you for visiting us and have fun searching and surfing the web :)


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